Friday, December 28, 2012

Configuring JDeveloper to Work With a Proxy Server

Getting JDeveloper to work with a proxy server can be a little tricky.  Specifically, JDeveloper will use the proxy settings of the Default Web Browser instead of the window's proxy settings.

For this example I used FireFox as my default web browser.  The way FireFox handles proxy exceptions is much cleaner than Chrome/IE.   I found that in Chrome/IE the exceptions could not have a slash “/”.  If you have one of these browsers as your default browser, you will need to adjust the steps for how that browser handles proxy exceptions.

1.  Configure the proxy and exceptions in FireFox.   The exceptions will vary based on what you are trying to do.  Also, it seems that the wild card entries don’t always work.  If you find this to be the case, you will need to add the full URL.
     a.  Go to Tools -> Options in FireFox.
     b.  On the Network tab click on Settings.

     c.  Select Manual Proxy Configuration and enter the correct proxy information.
     d.  Add the URLs that you want to exclude in the “No Proxy for:” section. 

2. Open JDeveloper to verify the proxy settings are not set.  We want to use the settings that we just configured in FireFox. 

    a.  Go to Tools -> Preferences -> Web Browser and Proxy
    b.  Make sure that Use HTTP Proxy Server is not selected.  We want to use the settings in FireFox.


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