Friday, December 28, 2012

Creating a JCA Database Adapter in JDeveloper

Below is an outline of the steps needed to create a JCA Database Adapter in JDeveloper.  Specifically they focus on how to create a JCA Database Adapter that can be imported into OSB.  If you are creating a database adapter for an existing SOA project then you can start on step 7.

1.  Open JDeveloper
2.  Create a new Generic Application

3.  Enter a name  for the Application.  You can reuse this same application to create any JCA Adapters in the future so name it something generic.  For example “Connections”
4.  Create a SOA Project

5.  Create an Empty Composite

6.   Drag the Database Adapter component from the Component Palette into the External References swim lane.
7.   A wizard will pop up which will guide you through creating the JCA Database Adapter.  There are 11 steps in this wizard. 
                a.  Fill in the Service name and then select Next (Step 2).
                b. Select the appropriate connection.  It will automatically fill in the JNDI Name. (Step 3) 

    c.  Select all of the Operation Types you want.  For this example, we will be able to Insert and Select from a table (Step 4).

    d.  Import all of the tables that you want to operate on.  You can import parent/child tables.  In this example, we only have one table (Step 5).

 e.  Define the primary keys (Step 6)

f.   If you have selected multiple tables.  Define the relationships between the tables. (Step 7)
g.  Exclude any attributes that you do not want to have access to.  (Step 8)

h.  If you only want to look at a subset of data from the table(s), then you can write a query to narrow down the data you will see. (Step 9)

i.  Define Advanced Options.  For most cases you can keep all of the defaults. (Step 10)

j. Click Finish.   This will create all of the files that you need to import this JCA Adapter into OSB.


  1. What version of JDeveloper? I´ve "Studio Edition Version" and I can´t find this option "Generic Application".

  2. This was based on If you do find it in 12, please let me know and I will update the blog with this information for others.