Friday, January 4, 2013

Creating a new Data Source in Weblogic

The below steps outline how to create a new Data Source in Weblogic.  These steps are intended for
developers who want to create a new data source in their own virtual machines or the development

1. Create Connection Information in Weblogic
      a.  Create New Data Source
            i. Navigate to <domain> -> Services -> Data Sources and select New -> Generic 
Data Source.

           ii. Fill in the Name, the JNDI Name and the Database Type for your new data
source on the JDBC Data Source Properties Page.

            iii. Select the database driver that will be used for this connection.


            iv. Fill in Transaction Options if available.  If you choose a XA JDBC Driver, you will not have any options.

            v. Fill in Connection Properties information for the database you want to connect

           vi. Test your configuration

           vi.i. Select Next and then select where to deploy the data source you created.  If
you are not using a managed server for OSB you can select the AdminServer.

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  1. Thank you for the detailed steps. The screen shots were very helpful.