Friday, January 4, 2013

Linking DB Adapter Outbound Connection Pool to Data Source

The following steps show how to link a Database Adapter Outbound Connection Pool to a Data Source in Weblogic.  These steps are intended for developers who are making these changes in their virtual machine or in the development environment. 

1.  Log into Weblogic
2. Go under Deployments and select DBAdapter

3.  Navigate to the Outbound Connection Pools tab which can be found by selecting the Configuration tab .  Then select New.

4.   Enter the JNDI Name and then select Next.   The value entered should match the JNDI name from the JCA resource you are using to connect to the database.  This can be found in the *.jca file in the location attribute.   

5.   Add a JDBC name in the xADataSourceName Property and then Save Changes.  This JDBC name should map to the Weblogic Data Source that points to the database you want to connect to.  If you have not already created a Weblogic Data Source, see this page.

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