Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Setting Unit Of Order in OSB Producer

Unit Of Order is used in Weblogic JMS queues/topics to group messages into a single unit that can be processed sequentially even if the message are being processed by multiple consumers.  For example, you can use CustomerID for the Unit Of Order to ensure that you will always process a given customers transactions in order.

Follow the link for more information on Unit Of Order

Setting the Unit Of Order in an OSB Producer is quite simple.

1) Add a Transport Header action in the Request Action section of your communication node (Route, Publish, Service Call Out)

2) Set the Transport Header Properties
     a) For Direction select  Outbount Request.   
     b) Click on the Add Header button.
     c) Select Defined, jms, JMS_BEA_UnitOfOrder under the Name column.
     d) Select Set header to and set the <Expression> you want to use to set your Unit of Work in the Action column.

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